Key Benefits of the UNITI System


  • Manage Multiple Funding Streams

    UNITI lets you keep track where your funding is coming from, and makes compliance with government reporting requirements simple.

  • One Client, One Record

    Improve the patient journey by having one client record across multiple departments and campuses.

  • Mobilise Your Workforce

    UNITI Mobile lets your workers securely access their daily schedule on the go, with offline mode allowing you to keep working without connectivity.

  • Lone Worker Safety

    Keep your staff safe with Lone Worker. Staff can set alarms before entering a potentially dangerous situation, notifying your head office if they don't deactivate it in time.

  • Free updates

    We know the health sector is constantly changing. UNITI keeps you up to date with changes to reporting requirements, and our skilled helpdesk team work with you to ensure you have the changes in place when you need them.

  • Free Helpdesk Support

    Have a question? Call our helpdesk! All our support staff are located in Victoria. Unlimited access to the UNITI Helpdesk is included as part of your UNITI licence. Our skilled and friendly team are just a phone call or email away.

  • Custom Development

    If there's something we don't have that you want, feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our in-house development team work with you to tailor a solution that fits perfectly.

  • Data Migration

    Need to transfer your patient data from another system? We have successfully migrated data from a number of other client information management systems.
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uniti running on PCs and Android Phone & Tablet

UNITI Mobile

It’s important that your staff have the information they need at their fingertips. UNITI Mobile lets your workers take their case load on the road with them, enabling them to view client information, client security and health alerts and uploaded documents, as well as record their clinical notes and service provision.

No mobile service where your staff go? No problem! UNITI Mobile works offline, letting you keep working even when there’s no service. Once you get signal again, UNITI Mobile automatically synchronises your work.

Our Lone Worker system keeps your staff safe in the home. Staff can set alarms if they are about to enter a potentially dangerous situation, notifying your staff in the office that something may be wrong if they don't deactivate the alarm in time.

UNITI Software has been involved in mobile health computing projects for over fifteen years, and everything we’ve learned is built-in to UNITI Mobile.

For further information read our Mobile Workforce page.

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