Key Benefits

UNITI includes a range of built-in tools to help you optimise your workflows and maximise your funding!

Multiple funding sources, one client record

UNITI helps reduce data duplication by letting you separate your client's services by their funding source.

When scheduling services, UNITI ensures that you capture all the information required by highlighting required fields and validating data entered.

Powerful scheduling tools

Automatically schedule your services through UNITI.

Our scheduling system allows you to configure repeated services for clients quickly and easily.

You can manage your appointment-based services from UNITI too - with tools letting you define clinics, availability and default appointment duration.

Mobilise Your Workforce

UNITI Mobile provides your workers with the ability to record their clinical notes wherever they are, regardless of their internet connection. It also gives immediate access to current patient information, alerts, documents when connected to the internet.

No mobile service where your staff go? No problem! UNITI Mobile works offline, letting you keep working even when there’s no service. Download important information while in the office for use offline, and document visits as per normal. Once you reconnect UNITI Mobile automatically uploads your notes and synchronizes your work.


With a wide range of reports available, UNITI lets you see exactly what's going on in your organisation at the click of a button.

Whether it's monitoring service delivery against targets, tracking resource utilisation, averaging service duration's, or printing clinical notes, UNITI has a report to get the information you want easily.

Need a custom report? No worries! Let us develop and tailor a solution to your specific requirements. Contact Us for more details.

Data Exports

UNITI makes reporting simple.

Our data export tools easily generate your submissions, ready for submission at the push of a button.

Where available, UNITI can even submit these files through Online Submissions!

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