Mobile Workforce

UNITI Mobile lets your workers take their caseload on the road with them.

Mobile Workforce

It’s important that your staff have the information they need at their fingertips. UNITI Mobile lets your workers take their caseload on the road with them, enabling them to view patient information, alerts and documents, as well as record their clinical notes and service provision.

UNITI Mobile keeps your staff informed with real-time updates to their schedule, providing flexibility in service planning. Using the integrated mapping feature, you can also view directions to the client’s home and estimated timeframes in travel.

Streamline your administrative tasks with UNITI Mobile - enter client progress/case notes on the go, record consumables, create and view assessments, and advise clients of upcoming appointments.

Help your staff ensure they’re at the right place with the right patient by recording house and patient photos – all synchronised back to your UNITI instance.

No mobile service where your staff go?

No problem! UNITI Mobile works offline, so you can keep working even when there’s no service. Once you get an internet signal again, UNITI Mobile reconnects and automatically synchronizes your work.

Our Lone Worker system keeps your staff safe in the home. Staff can set alarms if they are about to enter a potentially hazardous area, notifying your staff in the office that something may be wrong if they don't deactivate the alarm in time.

UNITI Software has been involved in mobile health computing projects for over fifteen years, and everything we’ve learned is built-in to UNITI Mobile.

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